We connect
people and data
to build sustainable
supply chains

Our team of enthusiast digital & logistics experts is serving the most demanding businesses all over the world

Born in the warehouse

The Shiptify concept was founded on years of operational experience at freight forwarders, transport suppliers and European logistics head-quarters.

While watching our world changing, it became obvious the tools we were using to manage transport were limited (mainly Mail boxes and Spreasheets!). That’s where we decided to create a pragmatic solution, focused on user experience.

Developed for and with your teams

At Shiptify, we strongly believe that nothing works better than operational feedback and team building.

Members of our community (carrier, shipper or third party) are always welcome to contribute to our platform continuous development and improvement so that our platform responds best to their most pragmatic needs.

Ready for tomorrow’s supply chain

Today’s economical, social and environnemental challenges are forcing supply chain players to share ideas and ressources to build tomorrow’s sustainable supply chains.

Our solution is built to break existing barriers and make people work together, towards inter-connected and efficient logistics.