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Optimise and reduce your transport costs

Analyse your shipping costs by type, flow, mode of transport, etc. Generate pre-billing reports and allocate your transport expenses to the appropriate cost centres.

  • Invoicing & pre-invoicing control
  • Details of your expenditure by item and by flow
  • Management of cost grids
  • Centralized reporting and exports
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Set up and manage an agile transport plan

Configure your transport plan in accordance with the conclusions of your tenders. Verify its correct application, and deploy regular updates in a few clicks for your entire organisation.

  • Multi-mode transport plan
  • Management of daily and weekly routines
  • Decision support for teams
  • Monitoring of usage rates by road/carrier
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Track your orders by SKU from your suppliers to your customers

Manage your order portfolio, identify possible pooling, and assign each order to the most appropriate carrier in a few clicks.

  • Full traceability to SKU
  • Consolidation and transport allocation
  • Creation of collection rounds
  • Supplier collaboration
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Anticipate incidents and manage your disputes effectively

No incident is overlooked: any deviation is recorded and notified to the people concerned. Identify internal or external sources of non-quality and improve the performance of your operations.

  • Proactive notifications in case of deviations
  • Collection of customer feedback on delivery
  • Collaborative dispute management with your carriers
  • Workflow for managing your disputes
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Centralise all your operations in your control tower

Deploy Shiptify across all your sites and subsidiaries to benefit from harmonised processes and KPIs. Benefit from a centralized and global view of your supply chain.

  • Standardisation of data and indicators
  • Sharing of information in real time between sites
  • Centralized dashboards
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Benefit from the best technologies without any development

Take advantage of technologies pre-connected to the Shiptify ecosystem, without any IT development on your part. Activate each technology on demand on the most relevant streams.

  • Carrier API connection
  • Geo-location & predictive ETA
  • Measuring CO2 emissions
  • Printing of carrier labels
  • AI & Business Intelligence
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