From warehouse capacities to invoice check,
Shiptify brings visibility, efficiency and control
across your entire supply chain.

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All your carriers
in one single place

Manage end to end bookings, including corrections, and improve response time, with any of your carriers. You can create routines, templates, and automate your booking processes.

Rates Management

Control your spendings and optimize shipping costs

Manage your own contracted rates, or easily request quotes from the spot market in a few clicks. Always make sure you benefit from the most adequate rate for the best service.

Transport Plan

Share a transport plan across your organization

You have the ability to pre-define shipping routes and partners. It allows you to improve response time from your suppliers and manage transport plan changes in real time.

Communication Timeline

Centralize conversations to improve team collaboration

No information fragmented in mailboxes anymore!

Get instant access to any relevant information inside your shipment history. With our smart notifications system, the right people are informed at the right time.

Doc Center

Organize, share and access all your shipping documents

All documents are safely stored and shared with and by the right people. You can easily retrieve any document at any time: you will love being audited!

Centralized Tracking

Unique access to all shipments tracking details

Access any shipment status at any time with all your suppliers. You can monitor deliveries with customized tracking points, manage delays, track incidents, and give everyone maximum visibility.

Docks Planification

Streamline your docks and improve warehouse productivity

Our planning feature gives you instant visibility on expected deliveries. Planning capacity is shared with authorized parties including external partners. Delivery times are optimized against docks capacity and customized loading schedules.

Claim Processing

Highlight any problem and prevent deviations

Keep track of any claim, with notifications and documented files. Identify root causes and recurring incidents, to improve performance with appropriate corrective actions.

Invoice Control

Make sure your real costs are checked & correct

Explore your shipping costs, reconcile invoices, and highlight differences. Allocate costs to the right cost-centers and run spending reports. Generate pre-invoicing reports.

Control Tower

Monitor all your subsidiaries, it has never been so easy

Supply chains is becoming more and more complex and fragmented. Easily deploy Shiptify among your internal network with no limit: each user has free & customized access to the platform.

The more complex, the more value.

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